Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The War Machine Project Part 2

Much progress has been made. The model has been built into sub-assemblies, the lighting has been installed. 

More after the jump.

This kit utilizes the New Fallout Hobbies SIX LED kit. It’s a simple kit where you can choose 4LEDs in a single color, and 2 LEDs in a secondary color. The kit also comes with a Mini-Switch, 9V battery Clip, 6’ of Fiber optic and a matching drill bit.

This kit is great when you have a model the just needs a few lights. Like this figure which has 4 White LEDs in the hands/feet, and 2 red LEDs in the chest and head.

Here's a Video I put together to show off the lighting.

The 3D Printed replacement hands came in and they are amazing. I was able to drill out a hole in the wrist and run the LED's right up to the repulsors.

Using a Dremel tool and a sanding bit I was able to flatten the LED build out of the feet repulsors.

Part One of the War Machine Project can be seen here:


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