Monday, October 4, 2010

Slaanesh BFG Chaos Cruisers

Here's some painted pics of two of my Chaos Cruisers. I made a few minor modifications to the model to make it more unique.

Mainly I played around with the placement of the attenae and the turrets. On the Engine levels, I added Armorcast plasma weapons cinematic effects to simulate plasma engine exhaust, just like I did on my Repulsive class Cruiser. The over all color scheme is based off my Mark of Slaanesh and matches the rest of my In progress fleet.


  1. sorry, i realise this post is pretty old now, but i absolutely love your colour scheme. could you tell me what colours you used to achieve it?

  2. No prob.
    Here's the basic breakdown

    Main hull color
    -Black mixed with a dab of turquoise
    -Drybrush of Adeptus Battlegrey
    -Wash of Badab Black
    -Windows, Turquoise followed by a dot of Turquoise mixed with white.

    Pink Armor areas
    -Base of mechrite red
    -Warlock purple over that
    -Wash of Ogryn Flesh
    -Repeat Ogryn Flesh wash
    -Pick out highlights with pure warlock purple

    Gold Areas
    -Wash of Ogryn Flesh
    -highlight of gold