Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dark Eldar Trueborn with a Venom

Here's a new unit in progress; 4 Trueborn with a matching Venom.

The Trueborn are a combo of Warrior & Wyche parts with converted shredders into blasters. The lead Trueborn uses one of those trusty Dark Elf Corsair heads for that added pirate effect.

The only main change to the Venom is the use of a Raider Warrior gunner rather than a Wyche gunner.

When finished the unit will be painted much like this unit HERE


  1. Looks good! I like the use of the trophy rack on each of them to tie them together as a unit - Can't wait to see 'em painted up!

  2. I've never been a big fan of the Dark Eldar, but your conversions and painting make them a very nice looking army. Great work!

  3. Very nice poses. the models look great. Can't wait to see how you paint 'em. I like the trophy racks on them too, really sets them apart from regular warriors.

  4. As usually your models conjure up a chaotic world of hatred for the Imperium. Truly a dark grim place here in the Eye of Error. Thanks for sharing.