Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dark Eldar Reaver Squadron

"The wind whipping across your face as your blades whip across the throats of the foe. It makes the blood sing."

This was a long but enjoyable process painting 9 bikes at the same time but now I have finally finished  9 Reavers for my Dark Eldar Wych Cult of Red Death. 

I airbrushed and handpainted the Figures, Bases and Bikes and OSL Exhausts all separately then put them together in the last step. I replicated the same Paint Scheme I use on my Razorwing Fighters Seen HERE

Also, earlier this week I posted a tutorial on how I painted the OSL Jet Exhausts HERE

Overall I'm very pleased with how they came out and I can't wait to field them in my next game!

Unpainted Pictures can be seen HERE


  1. The osl on the weapons looks great, good enough to steal even!

  2. Those are simply gorgeous man, great work! Love the OSL effects, the blue and red are great contrasting colors. Bravo!

    1. Thanks Joel! I think some of these were from your closet of doom :)

  3. Like you said, "alot more"! It's like the Hell's Angels of Commorough cruising town. wicked bikers and really wicked glow effects!

  4. can you give a tutorial for these ???