Monday, May 20, 2013

Lady Vampire Wino Diorama

Here's a little something for the Mrs. Eye Of Error. She loves Vampires & Wine, I had some extra bits laying around…so hey, why not…

I imagine her saying "They keep hatin, I keep drinkin"

Most of the Diorama bit come from the Vampire Counts Coven Throne kit and the base is from Armorcast. I will give the piece a nice dark wood plinth in the end so she can display it nicely at her desk in our home office.

I plan to spend more time than I normally do painting her up, I'm trying to up my game to a more competition level.


  1. Nice work. (And keeps the wife happy -- "See, I do all this toy stuff just for you!")

  2. Is it weird that she looks little like Amy Winehouse? Nah.

  3. Precious modification, good work. Regards.

  4. So simple yet so effective. Well done!