Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sons of Horus Reaver Assault Squad Finished

“Mark my words, everything achieved thus far in this crusade will pale into insignificance compared to what I am yet to do.”

These might be the most realistic figures I’ve pained to date. This is the standard with which all my Sons of Horus army will be painted and there is so much more to come in the near future.


  1. These are stunning and very realistic. I like the lava and the muted tones. Also - Nice banner! I just noticed the change and it looks great.

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful! As always your use of the action effects is sublime, and the colors really contrast well! Absolutely inspiring stuff, man - can't wait to see more!

    Dunno if a black backdrop is doing them justice in the pics though (sort of losing edge definition) - perhaps with a predominately dark color scheme like this the pics couple benefit from a more neutral backdrop? Just a thought.

    Keep up the fantastic work, man!