Friday, January 24, 2014

And Now… Time for Something Completely Different...

 6:23 mins of Pure Dark Electronic Creepiness...

Some of you may or may not know that I’ve been experimenting with making bad electronic music lately.

Well… here’s my first demo. It’s 6:23 mins of Pure Dark Electronic Creepiness.

A tribute to one of my favorite 80’s Horror Movies, The Thing, called Carpenter’s Wet

80's Kurt Russell Approved This Song


  1. the link to the player works but no track coming up when I press the play button - display stays at "00.00 of 00.00" - I've dabbled with industrial music myself so I'm keen for a listen :-)

    1. Firefox seems to have an issue with the wordpress plugin. Try chrome or safari.

    2. good call - indeed working fine in Chrome!

      The sound is nice and atmospheric and the levels with music and samples works well, very creepy and grim dark..... ideal for a Thing themed Space Hulk background!!

    3. Thanks man, More coming in the near future. Some real creepy Gems in the works. Certainly a learning curve for me but it's super fun.