Friday, September 19, 2014

Nagash Supreme Lord of the Undead Up For Auction

I need to support my hobby habit once again, so up For auction is one expertly Pro Painted Nagash Supreme Lord of The Undead. He is fully airbrushed and hand painted mounted on a custom designed base. 

I made the base from Balsa foam and Warhammer Gardens of Moor Scenery bits, twigs and some skeletal bits. The premise is that Nagash magic is so powerful he’s causing the dead to rise whenever he floats over a cemetary.

Bidding starts at an insane 99 cents! <- I know I’m crazy right?

Check it out here: EBAY LISTING

I will be building one of this guy for myself in the near future.


  1. Wicked cool model and base. Best of luck on your auction! It's a beautifully done model.

  2. That is absolutely phenomenal - gorgeous work, man!