Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fallout Hobbies Micro Airbrush Stencil System

Fallout Hobbies new Micro Airbrush Stencil line has been going strong for a few weeks now. 

We have tons of patterns to choose from all at $10, which is great if you’re a hobbyist that just started experimenting with airbrushing. All available at

Check out these demo pics

Salamander Scheme done with Micro Reptile Skin & Micro Flame Strip stencils

Deamonic magma wing done with Micro Reptile Skin Stencil

Snake themed army done with Micro Snake Skin Stencil

Chaotic tank markings done with Micro Chaos Stars Stencil

 Urban camo pattern done with Micro Digi Camo Sencil

Digital forest camo pattern done with Micro Hex Camo Stencil

Xenos style hexagon patterns done with Micro Hex Mesh Stencil

 Harlequin patterns done with Micro Jester Diamonds Stencil

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