Friday, April 22, 2016

Fallout Hobbies New Store is Live! 4 Day sale to Celebrate.

The New Fallout Hobbies webstore is live In honor of the day, we're having a 4 day sale. 15% off Reopening sale Friday through Monday!

We’ve added 4 new airbrush stencils in our vehicle section.

Our new LED Lighting Kits give you everything you need to light your war-gaming vehicle or terrain kit, including gobs of LEDs prewired with resistors so you don’t have to deal with messy resistance calculations, Fiber optic cable and matching drill bit, and best of all, 3D printed clear replacement headlight pieces for tanks and buildings!

Our new Weathering Starter Kit which offer you all the main colors you need to properly dirty your favorite vehicle. Kit’s include 4 popular colors, a professional application brush and our proprietary weathering powder setting solution in a pump spray bottle.

Come check us out at and use coupon code: BLACKRAIN2016 to receive 15% off the total of your purchase today through Monday!