Monday, January 24, 2011

Drazhar and a New Archon

I really already liked the old sculpt for Drazhar (probably the only good old Dark Eldar Sculpt), so I decided to use him and make a few modifications to make him more current to match the rest of my forthcoming Incubi.

The 2 outdated looking areas IMO were the Demiklaives and the back Incubi spine/blade things. I used and extra set of spine/blade things from the new Incubi set as a replacement and Some Plastic Hellglaive blades left over from the Hellions box to solve this problem.

Archon 2
I wanted to create a second Archon for my Kabal that has alternative wargear options from my first Archon. Basically he's all plastic bits from the Warriors box with some extra green stuff hip armor, a Wyche Power Sword and a cool looking Incubi Helmet.

I wanted to make him look more agile and ready for combat than the stoic looking regular Archon metal fig.