Friday, December 17, 2010

Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber

Converting a Revell Batwing into a Voidraven.
I've seen a few done before, but I wanted to take my own approach to this conversion process.

For starters, I restructured the wings and remove some of the more obvious "Batwing" like elements; like the tail fin. I decided to crop the wings and position them backwards so that instead of a Batman symbol, it looks more like a swooping evil bird.

I chopped the fronts of the side pods to make a space to house the Dark Lances (which count as Void Lances). All the chrome recessed areas I painted Warlock Purple with an Ogryn Flesh Wash.

For the Pilot, I converted an Eldar Warwalker driver by adding a Dark Eldar head and some styrene shoulder pads. The pieces managed to fit perfectly inside the Standard cockpit area.

For that added Dark Eldar flare...I added spikes form the Raider kit running the prow and some blades from both the Raider kit and Reaver kits. The rear engine I made from some Eldar Webspinner cowlings and small engines form the Raider kit. The tail fin I scratch built from a piece of sheet styrene then I "sharpened" the edge a bit so it looked more blade-like.

The missiles were made from modified IG Hunter Killers with the warheads and engine part coming form Warwalker hip joints. The missile launch mechanism is from and old Dark Eldar Jetbike blade bit. The orb like missile targeters are form an old Star Blazers kit I had laying around. I just thought it looked perfectly Eldar.


  1. You've done a fantastic job on this, very cool. All the bits have come together to make something very "Dark Eldar"
    What's the plan for painting it? Can't wait to see it...

  2. Thanks SAJ!

    I plan to start painting her soon. Dark Blue/Black scheme with Warlock Purple inlays on all the exposed machinery areas and some tribal decoration on certain wing areas.

  3. Its a great conversion! I can't wait to see it painted !!

  4. Thanks!
    You're gonna get your wish soon. I'm about 75% done painting it. I should have pics up within a week or so.