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Friday, August 19, 2011


After months of promising I finally deliver 10x Hellions ready to swoop in and raid some poor bastards!

The skyboards I kept in The Kabal of Endless Twilight Scheme, but the riders I made in a unique Wyche outfit scheme with more Warlock purple in it. I experimented more heavily with tattooing in red on these guys. I think it worked well.

Again I used resin statue heads from Scibor and Lazer Muzzle flashes from armorcast as exhausts.


  1. Beautiful Blog, I'll be following for sure. For some reason I'm not able to add from your site, do you know if your widget is off for "followers"?

  2. They look great, I was going to say that my only criticism would be the black rods rather than clear ones, which I think look a lot better, but then I remembered we had that conversation on my blog not so long ago lol

  3. wow, just wow. Beautiful light effects all round!

  4. Nice work and nice source-lighting work. I like that you've used a nice variety of heads as well. The red warpaint really stands out too, as it should.

    Question: I see the stands were painted black, so I assume you glued the hellions to their stands and undercoated them after doing so. Would you do this again? I am currently puzzling over how to handle the models during painting and assembly without painting the stands (i.e. keeping them clear). What would be your suggestion?

  5. Thanks for the compliments everyone!

    @Old Shatter Hands, look no further than IDICBeer's post about exactly how to mask flying bases.

    I personally prefer black spikes myself visually, but if you want to go clear he's got the answer over here:

  6. Beautiful work as always! I really need to pick up some of those armorcast muzzle flash effects, they just add so much character to the models. Keep up the great work!

  7. Great looking models. I am loving the engine flash too. It really makes the models look like they are moving. The army is coming along great. would love to see them all together, (in my cabinet. ;)