Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Necron Monday!

I Just figured in light of all the new Necron rumors that I'd throw a little gas on the fire by posting up some WIP's of some Necron unit's I was working on a few years ago.

Of course I plan to update all these WIPs once I see all the new bits and I what to do something more dynamic with the basis.

Necron Lord
The Lord is comprised of a Metal destroyer Lord Torso & warrior legs that have had extra hydraulic pistons added to them. The Staff is a custom made from metal and styrene shapes. The cape is made from sculpted Brown Stuff. The base is my favorite part. I love the dead marine overrun by a scarab swarm.

The Torsos are Destroyer Torsos w/ regular Warrior heads. I added a piece of plastic to the forehead to signify them as Immortals. The legs are warrior legs with brown stuff used to bulk up the thighs and the calves. I made the pelvic bone higher with thin strips of styrene glued down.

The Gauss were made by chopping & gluing 2 Guass cannons together like shown on multiple other tutorials. The hands were sculpted with brown stuff and the wires were from dragon forge.

Destroyer Lord
I wanted to re-imagine the Destroyer Lord. I wanted him to be bolder, more "epic", so I figured why not have him in a cool throne hardwired in for eternity.The Throne is made from cut styrene sheets and shapes, some brown stuff, and some Baneblade exhaust pipes.

The staff is a custom job made from styrene sheet & tube with a Guass flyer tip added. The rest of the lords details are assorted Necron bits and WFB Empire Wizard bits.


  1. Excellent work man! Looks extremely close to the pictures!

  2. Great work on these conversions!

    I've not been a big fan of the Necrons in the past, but if the new background rumors turn out to be true... well it my lessen my dislike of them.

  3. really nice conversions, look the part,

  4. To be honest I don't like the SpaceKhemri look. But your skills in converting were already impressive a year ago. Still hoping for a design help on my blog from you ;)