Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chaos Leviathan Mortis Progress

Part 5 - Designing the base

I started gathering materials to make the scenic base for this bad boy.

I wanted to represent a ruined imperial building and create a "Slice of life" effect. as if a giant Borg cutting laser came out of the sky and sliced a cube section of the ground away. With some advice from a friend on where I could buy a thick chunk of wood for the base, I was directed to ebay to look for "Wood Turning Blanks". These are blocks of wood that get put on lathes to make wooden salad bowls and the like. I quickly found a great hunk of Ambrosia Maple wood for $20 that once stained will have the perfect texture to simulate strata.

The sidewalk tiles are unfired porcelin blocks that I have used before in some of my Terrain Projects to simulate cracked sidewalks. The Building pieces are Shrine of the Aquila walls that I plan to super detail and I added some imperial dumpsters I made a few years ago for another project and never finished.

Just for fun I felt like adding a Sniper hiding behind a wall to give the scene a little more backstory.

EDIT: A few people asked about the dumpsters. I made them from sheet styrene and Imperial Guard Aquilas. Here's some WIP's of them.

Here's a pic of other materials I will be using to complete the base. Apoxie Sculpt resin putty, Gale Force 9 Rubble chunks, Vallejo Pumice Paste & Still Water and Secret Weapon Crushed Glass Snow (Yes it will be a winter scene)

Part 6 - Assembling the Lighting

At this point in the game I'm about 75% done with the internal wiring and lighting. I've been drilling holes, running wiring, installing LEDs and running some fiber optic for the gun sights.

I used Madman Lighting's Republic Cruiser Lighting Kit as a base. Detailed Instructions can be found HERE. The Kit is super easy to use and if you've never worked with lighting before I highly recommend it. All you need is the kit and a few simple tools you can buy at Radio Shack or the like.

Stay Tuned, by the time the next update comes I should have the entire model assembled and wired and hopefully the building of the base will be underway.


  1. You're a constant source of amazement and jealousy my man. That's coming along beautifully, and I'm really looking forward to seeing more! By the way, I must have missed it, but did you scratch build the dumpsters or are they from a model company? Would love to add some to my own tables - can't have enough scatter terrain for 40k/Necromunda!

  2. This thing is shaping up awesome! The ligting is going to be pretty epic once this thing is done.

  3. I love the lighting. Great work. Am anticipating each update of this monster.

  4. I am gnawing off whole body parts in anticipation!

  5. Thanks for the pics of the dumpsters in the build phase. I'll have to give it a whirl! Keep up the great work!

  6. In a word, FIT. I always like to see fancy Chaos conversions...

  7. Ha, first time I think I've ever seen an Imperial dumpster.