Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dark Eldar Batwing Scourges

Here is one of my newest units for the dark kin, a squad of all bat winged scourges.

I chose to paint them in the same scheme as my Asdrubael Vect & Court minis and then expand upon them with a new technique for painting batwings.

I tried to achieve a semi-translucent membrane effect with the wings. Not sure if it worked 100%, but I was still happy with the final outcome. I plan to try the method again in larger scale on my Dark Eldar Black Dragon. I'm hoping to improve upon it then and eventually post a tutorial.

I also tried to airbrush an OSL effect on all the back vials. This is something I will try to repeat and improve on when I paint my Grotesques in the near future as well.


  1. Very nice work. I love the glowing effect and colour palette you've used.

    I quite like the veins sticking out as they do; very creepy.


    1. Superb work, particularly like the vials and the glowing effect coming from them!

  2. I love your colors! And I really like the glowing effect on the weapons, very nicely painted.
    You might be interested in Sprocket's blogging about his scourges, he's been painting his wings in a similar style to yours (if you haven't already read it, I didn't see hm in your list of blogs tho)
    Looking forward to seeing the dragon :)

  3. I am running out of things to say when it comes to you DE. Every comment is basically 'looks brilliant, love them.'

    So yeah, looks brilliant, love them (especially the wings).

  4. Wow! Those turned out simply spectacular! The OSL effect you've achieved is ace, and the wing membranes are really good - definitely looking forward to seeing that effect on the big dragon. Beautiful work, man!

  5. If that's what can be achieved with an airbrush, I'm going to have to get one! Excelent work :)

  6. Thanks for the compliments guys!

    @ethelie, thanks for that link. I didn't know of that blog before, but it's awesome!

  7. You have a great eye for composition, all your colors complement each other nicely. The wing shading is especially good. Your work is exceptional, I'm adding you to my blog roll as we speak.

  8. That purple is amazing. My fiance has been trying to come up with a purple she likes with no luck.
    What paints/mixes did you use on the wings for these and the tails on the Sslyth? If you could post a quick and dirty guide we would both greatly appreciate it.

  9. @lacton, it's funny you ask cause I'm actually painting another bat winged model right now and I plan to have a tutorial up within 2 weeks detailing all the steps.

    The Quick and dirty version is....
    Start with base coating the wings Astronomicon Grey mixed with a dot of Vallejo Royal purple just to slightly tint it. Then I airbrushed the parts of the wings close to the "Hand" area with Vallejo Royal Purple and Vallejo Violet red. This part I just kinda wing it till I think it looks good. I then darken it by spraying a shade of Royal purple mixed with black just in the deepest recesses.

    At this point I hand paint all the veins Royal Purple. Once that dries I airbrushed the entire wing with Leviathan Purple. This helps to blend all the colors together into a smoother gradient.

    The final step it to paint the edges of the wings. This is done with the same mix that I base coated the wings with, the Astronomicon Grey/purple tint.

    Hope this helps until I get the tutorial up!

  10. I've been thinking about getting a Dark Eldar army as I only have Space Marines at the moment, so I searched online for DE blogs and came across these

    You've just sold me on getting the battleforce and these guys right now!

    Got any recommendations for HQ's?

    1. Drazhar w/unit of incubi is a non-stop slicing and dicing machine! My Personal fav :)