Sunday, January 15, 2012

Deux Razorwings!

Here's a Pair of Razorwings that I finished this weekend. I decided to go with a new scheme for the Cult of Red Death. I will be using this scheme again on 30+ Wyches I'm working on as well as a flock of reavers.

A detailed step by step tutorial will be available on MWC in a few days. For now, enjoy the pics :)


  1. Those are absolutely astounding! The grey-on-black and red-on-white tendril patterns really look fantastic, and I love the subtle weathering. The OSL on the engines is spectacular as well - Bravo!

  2. Word are not enough! Without a doubt, the best of their kind I have ever seen.

  3. Shit man, that's freakin' awesome work! I love the new blog look as well (Haven't been round here in a while).


  4. Those Razorwings look amazing, the freehand in particular. Not sure if I'm sold on the contrails as a modeling option, but you did them well regardless.

    I'd be kind of wary of associating yourself with MWC, though... The dude who runs it is a pretty well known scam artist.

  5. Keep? We've interacted in the past? (Aside from entering a contest before I knew the site was run by RedStarOne).

  6. Sweet looking model.

    Love the wear and tear on the wings especially.

  7. Spreading BS lies that cant even be backed up with proof and now even coming to a persons site who is not me but simply provides help to the community to just slander him by bringing me up? MWC is a group run site. Also, while your at it, simply remove yourself from the 1370+ MWC followers if you have such a problem with me.

  8. Guys, lets keep it civil on my blog please.

    @Master Slow Poke, I'm a writer for MWC and the only thing the blog does is post useful hobby articles and occasionally host a painting contest. In fact we have a new conversion contest coming up in a few weeks that you are more than welcome to enter. There will be prize support coming right out of our pockets, mine included. MWC has about 8 contributors, redstarone being one of them but it is not a front for a scam operation or any other internet conspiracy that people would like to say on certain forums...

    He is a friend of mine and has been making every attempt to rectify any misdealings he's had in the past when he was going through a very turbulent time in his life. Unfortunately the internet community has a way of just throwing out names and titles like "scammer" based on very little to no evidence. He's not scamming anyone, he's just trying to enjoy the hobby and contribute to the community. So please don't through out phrases like "Well known scammer" arbitrarily.

    Also, thanks for all the compliments guys!

  9. Tremendous work. This is inspirational beyond measure.

  10. I should also like to say, that until one has walked in the shoes of others, it may be prudent to keep one's mouth (keyboard) shut about them. If one has bonafide issues, about anything, go private.

    Great paint job :)


  11. Amazing models I know you said they came together faster than expected due to the airbrush so I am looking forward to your article man.

  12. Wild looking razorwings! I was wondering when I was going to see the model i sent painted up :-) Im glad to see its in good hands. Im most interested in how you painted the iconograph (freehand, stencil & airbrush, hairspray and salt technique?...). Also, can you share what camera you use to photograph your models? Experience with other cameras? Im thinking perhaps its time for an upgrade for me

  13. Thanks again for the compliments everyone!

    Hey Don, I figured it was about time to paint these bad boys :)
    The icon is freehand painted and weathered, I just pencil it in beforehand and went to town. I used a Mechrite red mix that matched the airbrushed hull color to add the chipped away sections.

    I have done the salt technique before, but I find that it's a little too gritty for elder. Even the evil ones would still be kinda clean :P

    I use a Nikon D60. It's not the top of the line as it's a few years old now, but it's a great DSLR.

    Any DSLR Nikon makes is awesome IMHO. Cannon is a runner up. I've used a Nikon D60, D90, Cannon Rebel, Olympus E500 and out of all of them Nikon is the best. Fastest shutter speed, easiest to use interface and high quality lenses.

    My light set up is 2 things.
    These lights:

    and this photo tent:

    I'm actually going to have an article about affordable hobby photo equipment up soon on MWC as well.