Friday, April 20, 2012

Where I get Inspiration From...

Ahhhhhh Inspiration, you can be an elusive bitch sometimes…

The thing with trying to capture inspiration for a new 40k project is that one tends to "stay in the box" when searching for inspiration being that there is a  MASSIVE amount of reference to 40k and other wargames online. Want to make a new chaos army? Just search Chaos armies and get the ball rolling …But this gets stale so quickly…

GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE BOX. Here's 4 artists that might get the creative juices pumping.

This guy knows Pestilence, Armor and Aliens! Seriously, his site is AMAZING and the best part is, almost every one of his 100+ images on the site is available as a print!

You've seen John Jude Palencar's work if you've ever been in the sci-fi section of a bookstore. You might not know it, but you saw it. When I was younger I loved his style of stark monochromatic lighting and mind bendingly surreal landscapes and characters and he was a heavy inspiration for my Art School years.

This guys work is pretty damn impressive. He uses model kits from various companies mixed with found objects to make dark, 3-D Rococo styled art. However, my biggest grief with his work is… HE DOESN'T SAND THE DAMN SEAM LINES! Ugh, killed me when I saw it in person. 

Wayne Barlowe has been around forever, he's a very talented and well know concept artist. He's designed most of the Lovecraftian style demons for the Hellboy movies as well as some really freaking cool aliens and Hellish vistas so unique that I've yet to see anyone compare.

Well, that's it for now. GO CREATE SOMETHING NEW!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the inspiration. I lost all my bookmarks a few years back and it's good to be reminded about Keith Thompson's images