Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vect's Dais of Destruction Progress Part 2

A fair amount of progress has been made on the Dais of Destruction.

 The crew are well underway, base colors and some base highlights added. The throne itself is almost finished as well as the Staffmaiden and Pilot.

Unpainted pictures can be seen HERE.

Until Next time...


  1. Now we're talking! Not only an awesome model, but the additions you have added will look awesome one the table top!

  2. Thanks Everyone! Hopefully I'll have another round of progress shots next week!

  3. This is incredible! I think it is super ballsy to take on conversions like this with Forge World parts and the precision it takes to pull of eldar themes.

  4. That is looking lovely. The throne is inspired.

  5. I'm passing this link along to spread the jealousy. The whole thing *glows* but the throne is really the icing on the cake -- or the poison on the blade, as Dark Eldar might say.

  6. GORM! She's a beaut!

    Now, I know this is heresy to suggest, and it's, likely, too late in the game to attempt it, but have you considered leaving the sail OFF the model?

    Yes, sails are key for the whole "Pirates from SSPPPAAAACCCEEE!" DE theme, but with a model this well painted, and with Vect reclining on his dias at the model's centre, I think it would be unfortunate to put a giant sail in front of his face. Without the sail, the gaze can be drawn down the central line of the vehicle, right to Vect on that throne.

    With the sail on, he can only be fully seen from the sides, and I think this hurts the oppressive feel of him and his dias.

    If you still wanted to include sails, but wanted to move them from the middle/in Vect's eye-line, you could try mounting one smaller sail on either side of the barge, perhaps towards the back in a Jabba-Sand-skiff style:


    Make sense?

    1. Thanks for the compliments!

      However, the sail is one of my favorite parts of the vehicle, so it's staying :P

  7. Wow. Such a great piece of work. You have inspired me revisit my Tantalus to take it to the next level.