Sunday, January 20, 2013

Vect's Dais of Destruction / Forge World Tantalus Conversion Part 1

"BEG FOR MERCY!, Not that it will do you any good."
Asdrubael Vect, Supreme Lord of the Kabal of the Black Heart

My Lastest Converion for the Dark Kin, Asdrubael Vect's Pimp Ride; The Dais of Destruction. I converted this beast from a Forge World Tantalus that Sky Serpent the founder of so graciously sent me after I redesigned the look of the forum.

Here's some beauty pics before I get into the details.

 I started with the base Tantalus by drilling holes and putting reenforced brass tubing in for the stand. The FW kit came with a feeble plastic flying stand, what a joke.

The sail (Which was a night mare of a casting and highly warped when I received it) had to be substantially modified for 2 reasons. There was a huge amount of flash and miscasting and it extended too far back to accommdate all the crew and the new position of the pilot, underslung Lance and Vect's throne.

I added side Dark Lancers using raider prow gunners and installing magnetic mounts for the bottom of the gun shields. The underslung Dark Lance was done much the same way with a magnet mounted in the base of the model.

Room needed to be made for Vect's throne so I had to move the pilot down to front and center between the 2 Dark Lancers.

Vect's Staffmaiden was made from a Darf Elf Sorceress. I figured Vect is too arrogant to be bothered to carry his own staff when travelling.

Vect's throne was made from a myriad of Dark Eldar & Dark Elf bits as well as a hefty amount of green stuff and plastic shapes. A magnet was added into Vect's Butt and the throne chair to allow me to remove him when he is disembarked.

The seated version of Vect was built using almost all the same pieces as my standing version of Vect I made last year. Pics can be found HERE and HERE

No Evil Supreme Overlord would be complete without an evil pet! Hence the creation of Vect's Gyrinx! 

A Gryinx is sometimes seen as a familiar to a Craftworld Eldar psykers. This makes sense to me with Vect, cause even though all Eldar have innate psychic abilities, the Dark Eldar shun them due to their location in the Webway and not wanting to draw the eye of Slaanesh towards them. Vect however, needs to stay on top of his game otherwise he gets overthrown quicker than you can saw "Commorragh". A little psychic help and some foresight would give him that edge to stay one step ahead of his usurpers.

Time to get the airbrush ready!


  1. That is just a plain epic conversion dude, loads of character with his entourage of minions.

    Dont envy you having to transport it to games though, ever since the Tantalus was release I've always thought it would break really easily in transit.

    looking forward to seeing it painted up

    1. Thanks Maelstrom! Thankfully most of my games are at my house on my home tables because this model would be a nightmare to transport.

  2. Fantastic looking conversion! Looking forward to seeing the final paint job ; )


    1. Thanks Dave! Always an honor to have you comment on my blog.

  3. This. Is. Just. So. Epic. Brilliant conversion, and flawlessly executed, mate! Makes me mighty jealous! (mmh, a deadly sin... the Dark Eldar would like that...)

  4. I only have one word: EPIC. but i guess everyone else already took that word, so I could add "amazing". The smooth look of the vehicle and his majesty on the throne -- all awesome work!

  5. That is a thing of dark and terrible beauty! Can't wait to see it painted up!

  6. Quite nice! No slave maidens though? ;)

  7. A very very well executed conversion. I can't wait to see it fully painted.