Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mariners Blight Possessed

“There are horrors beyond life's edge that we do not suspect, and once in a while man's evil prying calls them just within our range.” 
― H.P. Lovecraft

My possessed unit, like the rest of Mariners Blight are a combination of MK 2 & MK 3 Armour as well as a mix of old and new possessed / mutation bits. I only used claws/arms that had the nautical feel. Crab Claws, tentacles, and the like.

I painted the armor using the Tutorial I have posted HERE

Unpainted Pics can Be Seen HERE


  1. I love these SO much, the chapter symbol and numbers too look amazing, almost phtoshopped. There's an awful lot of good miniatures out there [quite a lot on here ;) ] but I think these are one of my all time favorites

    1. Thanks Dwez,

      I did make a custom decal sheet for the whole army. But I used Adobe Illustrator cause Vector art is cleaner than raster art for printing :)

    2. Sooo cool!

      But how do you get a white custom decal? Are you using white decal sheets or clear? If you are using white sheets how do you get the edges neat and not showing up all over the place?

      Love the models! :D

  2. Yep. Yours is one of the best themed armies out there! Keep up the great work, EoE!