Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Me + 40K = meh

Well I gotta say, I just haven't been feeling 40k lately...

Maybe it's a combination of the summer and having a million and one things to do every week making game time a rare find. Maybe it's my HUGE sense of disappointment with GW's most recent releases. Maybe it's that I'm tired of the the senseless online bickering and drama.... It's little freaking plastic figures! Get a life people, have fun with the game and stop being such whiney little brats all the time. Maybe it's that 40k is limited in terms what hobby skills you need to complete the overwhelming amount of figures and it becomes a quantity vs. quality battle all the time where quality always loses. Maybe I just sound like a huge pompous ass myself and I'm just sick of my own voice.

Well regardless, fuck it. <-Yup I said it. That's what I've been feeling lately. Like the hobby has been one massive all consuming drain of my time, resources, patience, creativity, etc.

But then I realized I'm never going to give up miniature model making, it's in my blood. And while I may be just disenchanted with 40k at the moment I still have a ton of projects I want to finish. Who knows, maybe when the winter comes and I go stir crazy from being inside I might start rolling some dice again.

So on that note; here's a sampling of several of the unfinished projects I have never posted before. These are crappy quick pic's taken at my bench but you get the idea. 

Until Next Time...


  1. Well I truely hope you don't give it up mate, you produce an incredibly diverse and different take on GW armies. You might have just burnt yourself out doing so much so quickly?
    I agree about the whinging. It gets annoying and repetitive, but nothing changes.

    That dozer blade is fantastic! Inspired use of parts. And the power loader dread knight is something I wish I'd thought of!

  2. I honestly believe that the toxic online attitude toward 40k (less so fantasy weirdly) is really harmful toward anyone who couldn't give a damn about "the meta". Gods, even typing that stupid phrase made me a little cross.

    My hobby happiness increased 10-fold when I stopped reading a few of the more "contraversial" click-whoring blogs and just focused on "ooh that's pretty". On that basis, all of your output has helped my personal hobby! Thanks!

    Ultimately, you know which parts of your hobby give you joy, just do that. Don't care what anyone else tells you the hobby is or should be. Put toxic blogs and comment feeds into the sin bin and emerge into a wonderful sunny world of little plastic men and large imagined explosions. It's nice out there. :)

  3. I'm with sheep don't step away completely. If anything have a break until the winter starts, then when its colder and you don't want to be outside start a bit of modelling again.

    I get you with all the whining too, its part the reason I stepped away from forums and following new releases/rumours with any interest.

    Now as you have shown those WiPs you do realise its your duty to finish them, especially that dreadknight conversion.

  4. Tired of 40k? Give something else a go, GW is the biggest player in the war gaming hobby, but it is only 1 part of the hobby, there are so many eras and scales in war gaming, pretty easy to find something that will re kindle your motivation.

  5. try playing Warpath with your 40K figures. The quick fun games and cool activation system will change how you feel about large scale tabletop games.

  6. I hear ya. I got there a while ago. I just didn't have the time for gaming since my kid came along and then I suddenly found I didn't miss it. Then I realised I was becoming a cabinet painter and started to look at other companies - don't do that, btw because there are lots of pretty kits out there and now I may have actually spent more money than if I had just kept my head in the sand and stuck with only 40k minis ~sigh~ I'm sure I'll come back to gaming and games workshop in the future, but for now I am enjoying expanding my horizons :)

  7. Thanks Guys! I do still intend to finish off My Mariners Blight army as well as a ton of Dark Eldar still in progress.

    I probably won't be starting a new army for some time though.

  8. It's pretty insane how many armies you've done and cataloged on this blog and they're all worth the time and effort you put into them. No problem to slow down...may I suggest working on single pieces for a time? Like some display models? It really helps invigorate the soul.

    As to the game and the online bitching - just avoid it. Stay away from tourney-talk for sure. I have experienced exactly what you're going through. I took a break from gaming for about a year and now I exclusively play noncompetitive themed games. Really keeps me psyched about 40k.

  9. Totally understandable, mate - As time has gone by I've culled a lot of the tourney/theoryhammer/argument-y blogs from my list just because I didn't like seeing all the negativity. I so rarely actually play the game that I vastly prefer to just follow the more hobby/painting-oriented blogs. Much more inspiring, generally friendlier, and overall has helped keep my painting mojo going.

    I am always blown away with the work that you do, and I look forward to seeing whatever you end up working on in the future, be it 40k related or not. The key is to just work on whatever makes you happy and that you have fun doing. Definitely no sense trying to force it!

    Take care man!

  10. I'm sorry to hear that, though I understand where you are coming from, I'm similarly irritated with the direction of the hobby, and frankly not intending to spend more money on it. I have been throwing my energy into a community project on one of the forums I read (a community guide/review of the dex, with three players reviews of each unit, to give more balance) and into painting my backlog, haven't played in two months, which is hard for me, I gamed every week.

    One thing I will say is don't force it, or you will kill your love for the hobby, your an amazingly skilled painter and converter, and I hope you return to doing stuff, but when you are good and ready!

  11. I know where you're coming from, and I also know it will pass. Your work is awesome, and I look forward to seeing more when you are 'feeling it' again.

  12. Totally hear you on this one Ron. I too just went through the same crap with 40k and GW. As you well know I chose to flat out take a 40k break. Meaning no blogging, gaming, modelling, or painting of 40k. Two month later I feel the creativity flowing again. I want to roll dice, model and paint. More importantly I want to share my work via blogging. I will not be buying any new models but instead I will be using every kit that I have lying around. Not only will I build ll of it but I will paint all of it. SOmetimes we all just need a break.