Monday, March 3, 2014

Illuminating the Knight Titan - Part 1

Rarely do I throw up posts with such minimal content, but I just couldn’t wait on this one.

I’m illuminating a Knight titan and got he head piece worked out last night with some Green LED's. 

Super Psyched to continue lighting this one! More progress and detailed images coming in the next few weeks.

I plan to make this Knight for 30K (Since I'm almost 100% positive that knights can be used but he 3rd book). I want to make a custom house that is aligned with the Legio Mortis. So a scheme will be similar to this Reaver below.


  1. I can understand your excitement, and am glad to see it at such an early stage! You did an excellent job fixing the LEDs to the eye sockets.

    I have a Knight coming in the mail soon, and can't wait to start working on it. Looking forward to seeing yours progress. Good color scheme too!

  2. Awesome looking work! Great job replacing the eyes with the LEDs. I imagine the little circuit board can fit inside his chest cavity? Any plans to light up any other part of the Knight?

    1. Thanks Adam. There will be lots of illumination, more pics later this week.

  3. Hey EoE (its ligs). What do you think of getting illumination into the exhaust in its back (say an orange/yellow) and then use cotton painted to look smoke to create an illuminated smoke effect coming from within the war engine....think its possible?

  4. That is seriously cool - definitely looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  5. What size were the original plastic eye lenses? 1mm 1.5mm? I want to do a similar light job, but keep the plastic eye sockets and drill out the eye. I need to know how wide they are to buy some acrylic lenses.

  6. Can't wait. I'm in the process of magnetising my Imperial Knight over the next few weeks. AdMech army here I come! :D

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  8. Any further news on this? Really wanting to LED up my new Knight and a bit of guidance will go a long way