Monday, May 19, 2014

House Raven Knight Titan Commission

I finally finished up the House Raven Knight Titan Commission for a friend. It’s at my alpha level quality, fully airbrushed with an oil wash, OSL effects on the lenses, a custom base and full magnetization of the weapons for both the Paladin and Errant Versions.

I’m very happy to finish this commission up and see all the  separate pieces come together. I’m sure my friend will be proud fielding this beast at his LFGS.

New Music In Progress

Many new tracks on Soundcloud account. Check it out if you dare.


  1. Absolutely stunning and beautiful model. Love the shading on the red panels. Everything is nicely executed. I hope your client is happy!

  2. Looks great! I'm always impressed by your OSL effects : )

  3. Great job! Love the reds. Gotta get some knights.

  4. Thanks Guys! It was great practice for my own Knight which I'll be painting up soon.

  5. So diesel! That's the nicest one I've seen so far!