Friday, May 16, 2014

Works In Progress...

I have so many projects happening at once!

Here’s some pics my friend Simon was snapping as I was working on 2 commissions. A pair of Avenger Strike Fighters and a Mechanicum Knight Titan. I also threw in some iPad snaps of Sisters of Battle tank interiors and the titan at an earlier stage.

I should be getting the final pics of all those commissions up within the next week or so.

Mechanicus Knight Titan In Progress

Avenger Strike Fighters In Progress

Sisters of Battle Tank Interiors In Progress

New Music In Progress

I've also started a Soundcloud account for my music project. Many new tracks on there since last I posted. Check it out if you dare.


  1. The tank interiors are incredible! Wow! Also love the knight titan. Where did you get all the extra column bits and statue pieces? It looks like a dragonforge base, but I haven't seen those extra bits before!

  2. All very nice! Great job with the OSL too. I really want to paint up a few flyers from FW now - damn you ;)