Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dark Mechanicum Legio Fureans Ursarax Cohort WIP

My Rockem Sockem Robots …err… I Mean Cyborgs…

Forgeworld has not yet released models for these guys but their stat line in HH Book 3 basically reads as Thallaxii with either Powerfists or Lightning Claws and a Volkite Incinerator (Volkite Charger) mounted into their chest.

I took regular Thallax figures and added highly modified Space Marine Centurian Powerfists and in a nod to Predator decided to mount the Volkite weapon on the shoulder rather than in the chest. I just thought it looked cooler.

Also, just a small announcement. Recently my main source of employment has gone bankrupt due to extremely poor management decisions over the past year. I decided that rather than work in an office again, that I will instead become a full-time freelance designer and start up some small businesses as well.

I’m currently working on a new miniatures related business.  The initial premise is every month I will sell via ebay a fully painted, and customized 40K army. Not that standard run of the mill armies, but very unique and clever conversions/paint jobs, etc. 

Stay tuned for more details.


  1. These look awesome man. I have been thinking of how I plan on doing my own for a while now, and this has definitely given me some ideas!

  2. Nice stuff as always! Music, painting & modelling services, design work - you are kind of unstoppable :) Love the premise of the new site too!

    1. Thanks man! I'm trying to make a living without ever working in an office again... hopefully I can make it happen :)

  3. I love how these look! Gonna be hell on the table!