Thursday, July 31, 2014

Legio Fureans Thanatar Siege Automata WIP

I knew I had to buy one of these as soon as the kit came out. It’s killer, so much great detail.

I decided to model the Hellex pattern plasma mortar as if the blast shields were open and “Aligning”. This will give me a great opportunity to paint some serious OSL glows in there.

I also added some flexible power cables from to add an extra layer of detail

The base is a custom lava sculpt to match the rest of My SOH/Dark Mech bases. I added some cogs from the craft store to unify it with the model more.

In my previous post I created a Photoshop mock-up of how it will look painted.


  1. Lovely! Great work on the posing.

  2. Such a beautiful model. Can't wait to see this guy painted up! Is he about imperial knight height?

    1. He's a tad smaller than a Knight titan. Still pretty big though.

  3. Does that kit come with Mechanicum slide transfer decals?

  4. I don't blog ever but several links led me to your Eye of Error and I am blown away with your level of detail with 40k figs. I know that it says you are not taking commissions at this moment but what you did with Kelbor Hal is exactly what I want. I was wondering at what point that you would be accepting commissions again. I have a group of friends that plays Deathwatch and Black Crusade and I have great need of a detailed Heretek and Even a very gross and detailed Death Guard plague marine. Even if you cannot help me I was hoping for a finger in the right dirrection though I must say how amazing I find your work. I have found some figs to my liking on ebay but I cannot find anything like yours. I am at your mercy.

  5. The little details you add make all the difference.

    Truly awesome work!

  6. I love that you modeled it with the gun opened up. Looking forward to seeing progress on it!

  7. I love the pose as well. This is such an aggressive stance.