Friday, October 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday...erm Friday. Old School Voidraven Conversion!

This conversion is almost 4 years old and I made it before the Razorwing kit was even released! I just think it's funny to look at a conversion like this compared to the new GW kit that was released today.

This was my first attempt at Airbrushing in terms of miniatures (I've used them before for Art School projects). I laid down a 3 shade blue to black gradient across the model with the airbrush, then hand painted the blue highlights. All My airbrushing was done with Vallejo Air colors.

The Pilot was a 3 shade green to black gradient laid down with the airbrush as well.

The Tribal areas were hand painted first in Mechrite red, then followed by Warlock purple. I wanted to add some battle paint chipping on the front of the Voidraven to look as if it's been flying into things and slicing and dicing for awhile.

The base was made with Scibor Statue ruins, resin skulls, a GW dead Space Marine and a lot of leaf litter.

WIP pics can be found HERE


  1. Absolutely stunning. The nice thing about these, is they'd still work alongside the new models. I actually like these a bit better, as they look far more vicious.

  2. It has a "Batman" touch, i think, and i like that ^^

  3. I've always really liked this. I can't wait to see what you do with the new kit!

  4. That looks sleek and sexy, all you need for a Dark Eldar vehicle!

    Very nice conversion indeed!