Friday, November 7, 2014

Emperor's Children Hell Blade Fighters Trio

In the near future I'll be auctioning off a full Pro-Painted Emperor's Children Army. One of the coolest units will be a trio of garishly painted Hell Blades.

These all have custom bases that are going to be pink glowing slime washing up on black volcanic rock. I made the based from tree bark, Apoxie Sculpt and Green Stuff.

Chaos Plaguereaper / Baneblade Ebay Auction ends this weekend

Check it our here: HERE 


  1. Very Nice! Looks like you have the best load out on them too. They are an awesome alternative to the Hell Drake!

  2. Thanks Thom, I actually started painting them last week but put them aside to work on other commissions and auctions. The ooze bases turned out perfect. I'll have pics up in week or so. Need to finish some Sisters Repentia first :P

  3. Sorry if this is a double-post - please let me know how I can enter into this auction, I play Emperor's Children and am a big fan of the hell blade!

    1. Hi, the auction has not gone live yet. I'll email you when it does in about 1-2 months