Monday, November 3, 2014

Nurgle Baneblade / Plaguereaper Auction 5 Days Left

I fresh paint job, some serious grime and this beauty is up for auction.

Ebay Auction HERE 

Up for auction is one extremely converted and expertly painted Nurgle Baneblade/Hellhammer with an optional turret and fuel tanks to make it into Plaguereaper.

Build one features the standard Baneblade / Hellhammer load out with cannons being magnetized and interchangeable. Build 2 has an entirely separate turret with a custom built huge flame cannon and fuel tanks that can count as a Heavy Flamer or a Plaguehammer cannon.

All turrets, fuel drums and drivers are magnetized. There are 3 driver options, A Chaos Champion, Chaos Marine w/ storm bolter and a Traitor Imperial Guardsman.

This vehicle is loaded with tons of Chaotic embellishments, pounded copper chaos star accents, extended track covers, gargoyle heads on weapons, flaming skulls, deamon faces, trophies and more. If you even look closely you can see the old Imperial guard insignia on the turrets corroded and worn away underneath the chaos iconography.

This is an exceptionally uniquely evil vehicle that I wish to live in the home of a true heretic :)

Plaguereaper Variant

Baneblade Variant

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  1. Looks absolutely fantastic. Best of luck with the auction!