Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Create Your Minis Kickstarter Campaign

There 16 days to go left in supporting an awesome concept!

Create Your Minis is a project to allow you to design easily your own 28/32mm (scale 1:56)miniatures. 

Here's the Kickstarter link

Design exactly the miniature you want on our website by selecting its equipment and pose, it will be 3D printed and sent to you !

Createyourminis is about letting you design through our website your own 28/32mm miniatures (1:56 precisely, for example the miniature of a 1.80m tall human will be 1800/56=32mm high). You choose the type of model you want, like man or woman, then select the clothes, the weapon, the equipment. Once you are done, you choose how the weapon is held then select a pose among the compatible poses.
I supported this project and I know that when it gets launched I’ll be designing some awesome custom Mercs or maybe some admech looking troops!

The 3-D Print

The Final Painted Model

More Examples

In other news, lot's of big stuff happening behind the scenes for EOE. 

Major updates coming in January on multiple projects, plus my very own Kickstarter in February for Fallout Hobbies. Stay Tuned.

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