Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fallout Hobbies Kickstarter is Live!

With your help, we can bring awesome custom decals to everyone! MUHAHHAHAHAHA.

Fallout Hobbies Kickstarter is Live!

For the longest time getting custom waterslide decals for your own personal hobby projects was a tedious, confusing chore. Designing the artwork, making sure the colors were accurate, pricing decal printing by colors, minimum orders of sheets, etc. etc. But you no longer need to worry about that hassle.

Custom Decals are as simple as 1,2,3! 

• No minimum orders
• Flat rate fees
• Print in White Toner!
• Customer control over the final product
• High-resolution printing quality

Getting custom one-off decal designs manufactured in white toner is quickly becoming impossible since the cessation of ALPS printer ink and tech support in May of 2015. Now there are only 2 types of laser printers in the world that can print one-off single sheets of decals in white toner and Fallout Hobbies intends to acquire one of those models.

The process will be easy.

Step 1.
Send Fallout Hobbies a hand drawn sketch, image from the internet or your vector/ raster artwork of the decals you want created. We accept all file formats and can work with pretty much anything. 

Step 2.
Fallout Hobbies will redraw the supplied artwork in vector format for ultra crisp printing. The customer will get an opportunity to proof the decal design before moving onto step 3.

Step 3.
Fallout hobbies will gang up multiples of your artwork in various sizes shapes on sheet or to specific sizes as indicated by the customer. Then we’ll print that sheet out for a flat rate of $35 and then an additional $15 for each additional sheet ordered. 

Sheets are 5.5” x 8.5” with transparent backing. Larger size sheets can be special ordered. Sheets can be printed in white or black toner as well as full color. 

A full tabletop army can most likely be completed with just one sheet, but it never hurts to order extra sheets for the future.

We will have pre-designed decal sheets as well as the custom offerings.

The Kickstarter campaign and website will be going live by the end of this week. 

There will be awesome Perks for backers as well as DEEP discounts on the regular pricing.


  1. I've posted a link to your kickstarter on a couple of facebook groups! These decals should be awesome and I look forward to seeing just what you can do! Rob from Spikey Bits said to post it to their forums and to send it to the Bell of Lost souls as well.

    Rob Baer Looks pretty cool. Do me a favor and post it here in our Kickstarter section here;

    Also tell him to get it over to the BoLS Game Wire too!

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