Thursday, June 25, 2015

Let's talk about underprinting and Fallout Hobbies

What makes Fallout Hobbies superior to producing decals at home?

There are several reasons honestly, aside from the convenience and quality control measures in place, the most defining difference is “Underprinting”

What is underprinting?

It’s simple really. It’s what professional decal companies can do what home users cannot.

A typical home laser or inkjet printer uses transparent ink and prints on light colored surfaces, such as white paper. When you print transparent colored ink on home use decal paper, the subsequent decal is transparent as well. Meaning it looks great on light surfaces, but hardly vidible on dark surfaces.

Fallout Hobbies uses underprinting which allows us to first print an opaque layer of white ink, then a subsequent layer of colors on top of it. This means when the decal is applied to a dark color surface it is still vibrant and striking. 

Underprinting will be standard on all of out pre-designed decal sheets as well as all custom designed sheets for customers. 

Now you can get decals that are just expertly manufactured and detailed as any GW or Forgeword sheet but purely unique and customized for your army. Let your imaginations run wild, there is no limit to the amount of colors on your decals!

There’s 28 days left to contribute and we’re 25% funded in the first 24hrs and the momentum is going strong. Keep posted for updates frequently throughout the campaign. There are several new levels of perks to choose from as well.

Please support today! 

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