Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Death Guard Terminator Squad Pestilence

For my terminator squad, I wanted to do something different.

I wanted them to have more round, Nurgle looking heads as opposed to the standard terminator helmet. I definetly wanted add green stuff guts and distension. Chainfists were a must. I felt like taking the same armour protrusion idea I did with the rhino and add it here, which is what we see on their backs. The mini skulls on certain shoulder pads were taken from Cities of Death fence parts, just shaved off carefully with an xacto knife. The bases were made from assorted bits and backyard rocks.

The champion is a metal Chaos Terminator Champ with Nurgle add on's. The biggest addition to him is the Powerweapon arm. I think the look of the rusty blade will work well when painted. I really have no clue what that gun arm was originally, but I plan to count it as a Combi-Plasma for all intents and purposes.

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