Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Imperial Hall of Judges

I made the core of the building using Pegasus hobbies Gothic building pieces, then added details like buttresses and lamps from the COD terrain pieces.

The collapsed roof was made out of foamcore and sheet styrene, cut and bent into shape, super glued to reinforce. The billboard was a simple mod from a few pieces of sheet plastic and some COD scenery bits. The panel in the billboard was a funny poster I saw somewhere on a 40k forum. I thought it would be great on this piece, so I took the pic and played around with it in photoshop to make it work on the billboard.

The bottom level has detail pieces I made in order to enhance the "goth-tech" look of the building. around the side I made a plastic dumpster of sheet plastic, this and the billboard are my 2 fav pieces on the model.

Inside the building I made spots to fit 2 electronic votive candles. They flicker like fire, but with LED's and completely self contained. When I covered them up with rubble pieces; it created the illusion that the building was on fire.


  1. This is definitely one of the coolest COD buildings I have ever seen! It has so much atmosphere to it!

  2. Thanks guys!, I'm still not done with it I eventually want to add shattered glass to the windows. :)

  3. Excellent piece!!! Thank you very much for sharing it!

    What is the base? Hirst arts blocks?

    Can we get a bit of info on what the table is?
    Did you make that, or is it part of some set?
    It is just awesome.

  4. Hey davethegamer, Thanks for the compliment sman.

    The blocks were actually 1"x1" porcelain tiles I got from a craft store online. The kind used for art mosaics. They are prefect for city concrete blocks cause you can smash them with a hammer to achieve really cool cracked effects.

    The table I made completely from scratch in photoshop then had printed on large sheets of Sintra with a matte varnish over top of it. I'm a Graphic Designer by day so have access to large printing equipment and materials to print something that large.

    There's some WIP pictures and a shot of table over here:

  5. Stunning piece. I am also working on some terrain myself at the moment and I am thinking of creating some Cityfight terrain pieces. You have been really inspiring!

  6. Really enjoy this building, so much so that I bought some pegasus terrain. What did you use to fill in the windows on the bottom?