Friday, February 25, 2011

Dark Eldar Scourges Painted

These guys have been a long time coming...but I finally Painted them.
The blue/grey armour is what the rest of my Kabal of Endless Twilight will be painted with. Aside from that I just wanted to try unique feather patterns for each scourge and realistic bone colored helmets.

More info and WIP pics can be seen Here


  1. Simply gorgeous! I've been debating building a squad of Scourges based on your work. I loved the conversions before paint and I love them even more now - keep up the great work!

  2. one of the best army i`ve ever seen . Love your work mate !!! Awsome

  3. I'd have a bunch of these guys if I ever did a Dark Eldar army. Good to see someone do up some.

  4. Thanks for the compliments :)

    I have more models being posted by the end of this week.

  5. Great looking scourge models. I think I am most excited about the new scourges that are coming out, but GW will have to be on their game to have better models than these. Great work. I love the birdman heads, the paint on the wings is great too. Keep up the good work.

  6. great photos!!!

    what colors are those that you are using?

    happen to have any painting tips for those of use starting out a deldar army?

  7. Thanks for the compliments everyone :)


    The Wings are as follows:
    Black Feathers: Black w/ Dark Grey highlight & a Badab Black wash

    Purple Feathers: Warlock Purple, Pink highlight, Ogryn Flesh wash

    The armor is this:
    Black followed by a black/blue drybrush then Vallejo Blue Grey highlight. Once dry I gave it a Badab Black wash followed by a coat of Vallejo Transparent Azul. Then I took the same Vallejo Blue Grey I used to highlight earlier and did a spot highlight on just the sharpest edges of the armor.

    Brass areas:
    Brazen Brass followed by a wash of Vallejo Bronze Green

    Pink Gems:
    Warlock purple followed by a pink highlight, white spot

    The only thing I can tip wise about starting a dark Eldar army is to try and keep everything clean. Clean sharp highlights & dark colors seem to work the best. I mean after all they are highly advanced Xenos and they wouldn't have sloppy dirty armor. Try to avoid excessive drybrushing and utilize lots of washes to build up the shadows in the armor plating. Also, don't skip out on all the tiny details. The new figs are loaded with gemstones and trinkets, take the time to paint them and it will really add a layer of character depth to each model.

    I hope this helps a bit :)

  8. awesome!! helps a lot!!

    im used to painting in fantasy where its more old-school muted dirty colors (i play orcs) and am stoked to start on a more vibrant style with my deldar

    do you base coat black or grey?

  9. Glad to be of help. :)

    I use Armory Black, it's one of the best primers I've used, way better than GW (and cheaper). It has a nice texture when done that really grips paint well as primer should.

    Yeah, all my DE have vibrant purples and blues contrasted by rich Black. It's actually very similar to my Slaaneshi schemes... but that seems fitting in a way given the back story of The Fall.

    I do always mix my black with a bit of blue though. It adds a layer of color depth and makes the black seem "darker" because it absorbs more light in the spectrum. It also makes the bright purples and blues "pop" more with the higher level of contrast.

  10. you are my hero!