Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Custom Dark Edlar Scourges

With my Dark Eldar Scourges, I wanted to make a unique unit that was identifiable as belonging to the New Dark Eldar Range, but a simple scratchbuild. I wanted something dynamic, that matched the fluff, looked like it belonged with the rest of my army, but was clearly not just warriors with jump packs or repainted Craftworld Eldar Swooping Hawks.

I made the core bodies from Sanguinary Guard wings glued onto Warriors bodies, but I used 3 of the warriors from the Raider sprue cause I felt they had that "Jumping into action" kinda of pose. On the wings I added Kroot grenades modified to look like Adrenaline injectors. I converted 3 Splinter Rifles into Shard Carbines by chopping the barrels short and adding Kroot shoulder straps.

The heads were the main thing I was focusing on with the conversion. I wanted my guys to have the crazy hair with feathers and stuff woven into it like mentioned in the fluff, but I wanted them to have unique masks. Then I though that what if this specific unit of Scourges made masks that looked like stylized bird skulls? I wanted them to kinda look like the flying Birdmen from the 2nd Highlander film, Corda & Reno...but on crack with Dark Lances! They were made form Kroot heads (for the dreads), greenstuff and neck/collar parts form Wyche heads.

The bases were made with Slate, Scibor Minatures ruined statue heads & 28mm skulls from an ebay vendor.


  1. Looks awesome. I don't know when hobby night is going to be possible as I'm working 8 shifts a week for the foreseeable future.

  2. Impressive, great use of both Kroot and Blood Angel bits to make these awesome models!

  3. Those heads are super awesome. Disapointed to see the Sang Guard wings being used again though! Are there really no right sized, plastic, feathered wings out there?

  4. Also, add a link to your blog to the picture!