Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm in Print...Twice!

Well I'm excited, I recently found out that my Nurgle Rhino and my Imperial Graveyard have both been published in Coolminiornot's 2009 Annual!

It's really an awesome book filled with so many great minis. My mind is spinning with ideas already just from skimming it. It's available for purchase Here

In other news I decided to redesign the blog a bit and I have a ton of projects on the bench:

- 50% done painting the Chaos Patrol Boat Display. Updates will be online within a week for that.

- 75% done painting 3 Dark Eldar Raiders and 1 Ravager

- 50% done painting 10 Dark Eldar Hellions

- 90% finished with my new Terrain Board

Plus I've started painting a whole slew of Awesome Quantum Gothic Terrain my Wife bought me. If you haven't seen their site, go check it out. It's pure awesomeness: Here


  1. Very cool - congrats on the inclusion, they both look spectacular!

  2. Congrats, man. The graveyard has wonderful some detail.

  3. Congrats for the annual and the blog!

  4. Nice dude. I realized we missed a bunch of rules in our last game.

  5. Yeah we did, but that was a test round with 2 new armys. Next game we'll be more on point.