Monday, March 28, 2011

New Game Board In Progress

I'm almost done making a new Game Board for myself.
Here's 2 pics taken from my Iphone over the weekend.

Saturday Painting:
Basic acrylic gray house paint laid down with grit in it.
Then assorted gray, green, yellow and rust colored paints sprayed to break up the gray base color.

Sunday Painting:
The entire board was drybrushed with the base color to break up the spray paint.

Several coats of green weathering pigment mixed with water were laid down to get a base mossy look.

Assorted browns were airbrushed along the rock face to achieve a striation look in the bedrock. The craters were shadowed and the dried river bed was accentuated with greens and browns.

The next step is to continue detailing the craters, fix a few of the striations I'm not happy with, clear coat it and add some grass. Hopefully it'll be done by the end of next week.


  1. That's looking fantastic! Are those 2'x4' sections? Can't wait to see it all finished - I keep going back and forth about making sectional game boards for my own table. Storage is the issue though, I already have so much terrain, I'm not sure that I can justify adding another huge stack of sectional baseplates...

  2. Thanks guys!

    @Moridian7th, Yeah those are 2'x4' sections.
    I have limited space in my house and very narrow stairwells, so it was the best option for storage and transportation.

  3. That is bad ass.. what did you make the board itself out of?

  4. Thanks Man.

    The Board itself is mainly layers of blue foam.

    The dried river bed is foam, light weight spackle and GW craters

  5. Awesome board, where did you get the skin for your background. I would pay for that level of design?

  6. Thanks Old School?
    Do you mean the skin for my Blog background?
    Cause I did design that and I do freelance :P

  7. Love the massive crack in the top right. When you next take pics can you do some looking across the board so we can the height differences, awesome!

  8. That board looks amazing, thanks for sharing!

  9. Looks like an amazing killing ground for Dark Eldar...

  10. Adam... the Rivers will run Blue all in the name of The Greater Good.

  11. It looks awesome! Do you have any pre-paint WiP pictures?


  12. we'll have to listen to some Triarii and do Dark Angels vs your Chaos:)