Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dark Eldar Coven Raider Conversion

"Why do we ride atop these elegant craft? The better to hear the screams of our prey as we ride them down, to savour the fear etched on their faces, to taste the tantalising tang of their blood in the air as an appetiser before the feast. But most of all we ride them so that the slaughter may begin as soon as possible."
-Dariaq Bladetongue of the Pierced Eye

Here comes the wicked! 

I wanted to do something special for my Lead Coven Raider, something unique that I haven't seen done yet. One of the things I love most about the Dark Kin is how they are just as brutal and gory as any Chaos Marine..but elegant and tasteful at the same time. Not surprisingly It really appeals to the Slaanshi in me :)

Most Coven raiders I have seen have gone with the theme bodies, blood, gore. I wanted to go the route of elegance, sharpness and usefulness.

The first thing that came to mind was "How the Hell are Grotesques going to fit on here". My solution was to add additional side planks similar to 3rd Edition Raiders. I also added an extra set of handles to accommodate these planks. Next I wanted to update the driver and gunner to look the part. A simple addition of Wyche helmets and slightly modified Talos surgical arms did the trick.

I created new custom armor for the side panels. My intention here was to make the Raider look more goth, more like Vampire Counts almost. Some sliced gems from leftover Eldar bits and a few hanging chained skulls help blend this addition in more naturally.

The final additions were an awesome flowing Skaven Doomwheel banner and a custom Aethersail made by splicing 2 sails together for a unique pattern.

She's on the painting table now, so hopefully I'll have her wrapped up within 2-3 weeks :)


  1. Great Idea ... again^^ Can´t wait to see paint on it!

  2. subtle conversion that really does a lot for the model. Its a great example of how a lot of little things add up to make a piece of work.

  3. Oh wow! What an awesomely subtle conversion! Terrific job!

  4. Sweeeeeeeet. It's now extra pointy, careful of all the new stabby bits while painting it!

    ...I still have scars from painting my raiders. Ow!

    1. Duuuuuuuddddeeee. I know :P

      My friend was picking up a raider and a spike jabbed his hand right under his fingernail and he was like "Damn! These models are dangerous!" heh.

  5. That armour is a really effective mod, maybe have to think about 'borrowing' that idea. Could go a long way on a Ravager to give that extra point of armour look.

  6. The thing I think I appreciate most is the little meat-hooks hanging over either side of the Raider, underlined by the extended floor grates. Subtle but very clever touch.

  7. Amazing work, but thought I'd point out - they fit units on more often than not, not by standing on the decking, but be stapling themselves to the outer hull.

    It's a fantastic conversion on a fantastic model, making me want to add a new Raider to my collection of Classic models.

  8. Great work on this Lucky. It makes me wish I had the time and skill to put that armor on all my Raiders.
    Any change of some more incite into the making of the armor?

  9. just stumbled on your blog :)

    damn i am inspired again.... looks like my commorites are getting sorted and gaming.

    now i just need to figure out how to do similar while not copying you completely :)

  10. Amazing work! Please, can you give me a template for this armor?