Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall fires burning neath black twisted boughs… Sacrifice to above

"Spawned in the darkest pits of the universe, the piratical Eldar are a curse upon all races of the galaxy. For untold thousands of years they have preyed upon us, stealing forth from the shadows and dark places on their raids of terror and violence; massacring or capturing all whose paths they cross. That they are utterly evil and inhuman is without question."

High Lord Khouron - Imperial Commander of Astherax

Hello Everyone, It's Friday and yet another week has come and gone with no updates. But trust me I have a ton of creepiness in store for October!

Over the next few weeks I will be contributing more tutorial articles to Dark Future Games as well as Standard Template Construct.

Also on the agenda, I'll be photographing more Mariners Blight units I've finished recently as well as my Dark Eldar Grotesques (which I plan to finish this weekend) and more Dark Eldar Coven Troops.

Speaking of Dark Eldar, if you guys haven't been there in a while check out The Dark City forum. It's really grown into something special in the past year and half and is easily one of the coolest Xenos specific 40k forums out there. 

Recently the forum got a face lift thanks to yours truly and now I'm a full-time member / Dark Architect over there. I know there's a lot in store for the future of TDC so get in there now and claim bragging rights over the newbs that will be flocking there in the near future.

More coming next week!


  1. From at least one member of the Dark City, thank you very much for your amazing work. The site looks incredible.


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