Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 in The Eye of Error

With 2012 closing it's doors and 2013 opening them it's time to think about what my Hobby Wants and Hobby Goals for the new year.

2013 is shaping up to be an interesting year hobby wise already. Talks of myself teaming up with my LFGS to start an online division of the store selling bits and quality hobby supplies are in the works. I will also be teaming up with a local commission painter to help him out with his backlog of work and get my feet wet in the commission painting industry after the holidays. Big moves all around, but back to the business at hand.

Hobby Wants: Elves, Elves and More Space Elves!

Yes I want more Eldar! Mainly to experiment with Craftworld Allies for my Dark Eldar and an excuse to pick up some awesome Forgeworld resin. Eventually when the new Codex comes out I will flesh these units out into a full blown force, but for now I will just dabble one at a time.

I've been experimenting with a unique Craftworld scheme that is very Hornet-esque and I feel that if executed properly will not only compliment my Dark Eldar on the table but unique enough to stand out on their own as well.

Hobby Goals: What I would like to finish in 2013 that I started in 2012

Unfinished Dark Eldar

I have Sooooooo many units for DE in various states of completion. 30 Wyches, 9 Reaver Jetbikes, 30 Warriors, More Scourges, More grotesques, Another Coven Ravager, 10 Harlequins, and the list goes on...

Unfinished Mariners Blight

There is about 1000pts left to finish in my Mariner's Blight army.  They are all in various stages of painting right now and I intend to finish the army completely by the summer. I do need to rework some units in light of the new codex. No biggie though.

Unfinished Dreamforge Leviathan Mortis Diorama.

Mark Mondragon over at DreamForge is an amazing designer and fortunately I was one of the last to pick up his Leviathan Mortis resin kit. Little did I realize that within 2 years a plastic kit would be released. C'est la vie...  I have big plans for a ruined city diorama featuring this bad boy and a bunch of LED's. I think the biggest thing holding me back on this one was my painting skills at the time. But after painting so many chaotically corroded Mariners Blight, I have no worries now. Just need to find the motivation.

Unfinished 2000pt Necron Army

I have it all, in a box mostly assembled and half base colored and that's where I stopped. I have several converted units in the army I'd like to see hit the table this year. Maybe after I paint more Dark Eldar I'll switch it up for a bit.

Well there you have it, now let's see if I can stick to it!


  1. Good stuff, man! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog throughout 2012 and I'm looking forward to seeing what new craziness you get up to in 2013!

    Have a safe and happy New Year, my friend!

  2. Thank you Joel!

    Happy New Year to you as well! Have fun!