Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dark Eldar Pain Engines

"Down from the skies it came, buzzing and clicking, a bristling profusion of antennae and a glinting carapace the color of dried blood. We thought we had more pressing concerns, for to repel a Commorrite invasion is to fight a hurricane of blades. Bolters spat fury. Then my brothers began to fall, soundlessly, to the ground. Brother-Captain Alkon was unresponsive. I wrenched off his helmet to find a wizened skull leering back. It was then the xenos attack doubled in its force…"

-Epistolary Thule of the Silver Skulls, Yria Massacre.

More additions for my Coven forces; 2 Pain Engines. There wasn't much conversion here at all as I think the kits are amazingly detailed and beautiful as is. Honestly, I want to build another. There are just so many variations you can make with them!

Here's some bloody pics to peruse.


  1. Wow, great work there. Was the glyf a decal? Please don't tell me that was freehand; you're work is scary enough already.

  2. Fantastic Work Man!!! Drooooool.... You really nailed it and bring the model to life. Great color choices!!

  3. I like how the drug canisters all look like they're half/partially full. That's a nice touch I've not seen before.

  4. I like the gore and the glowy bits! Very nice.
    I've been trying to figure out how to make an arachno-centaur conversion of someknid for these...

    1. I would use Tyranid scything talons and a lot of green stuff to make a an arachnid base.

      You could also use a 2nd Carapace bit trimmed down with a glob of green stuff and vials underneath it to make a large spider like abdomen section in the back. It could attach to where the tail normally attaches too on a Talos.

      Maybe some WFB Goblin Night Spider parts as well?

  5. Those are simply fantastic! I especially love the half-empty-bottle effect for all the toxins and whatnot.

    Sterling work as always, my man!

  6. No hate, but a Cronos is technically a Parasite Engine.