Monday, January 28, 2013

Dark Eldar Coven Warriors Finished

"How typical that the humans should rely upon crude technology to protect them. How fitting that we, the Dark Eldar should kill them where they feel safest."

-Kraegeth of the Slaughtered Heart

For my ongoing Coven forces I wanted to make some Infantry in theme with the rest of the Grotesques and wracks and other abominations I'm fielding. By mixing in a lot of Wyche and Hellion heads as well as wrack arm bits for the Sybarites and  "Steel Crow Tribe" helmets from MaxMini, I was able to accomplish a unique and slightly more disturbing feel for my warriors.
There are 3 Full 10 Man squads. Each with a Dark Lance, Blaster and Sybarite. Unpainted images can be seen HERE

Painting Wise, I went with the same scheme that can be seen on my Feathered Scourges with the addition of more OSL effects on the weapons.


  1. Those look spectacular - I especially like how the 'crow tribe' style heads turned out! Brilliant work, man!

  2. I congratulate you on the work, it would emphasize the oxides in weapon and armor, I am charmed with them. A greeting.

  3. Very nice. I also congratulate you. It has given me some inspiration for my own dark eldar. A parting word.

  4. Thanks everyone! :) It felt good to finally get these guys off the table and make room for new projects :)

  5. These are amazing. I always used to put Dark Eldar as the last choice of minis I'd want to paint, but I'm starting to see the appeal when I see how beautiful and dark they can look. Would you mind if I share some of your work on my blog if I accredit everything, post links back here?

    1. Thanks Shay, yeah go for it. Just link back to here :)