Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dark Eldar Lelith Hesperax Conversion

For my Wych Cult of Red Death I wanted to use Lelith Hesperax… 
but being me there is no way I could use the standard figure. 

I had to make her creepy and wicked.

I wanted the my new Hesperax to look like an insane Augmented 4-Armed Shiva Techno Gladiator. Basically if you are within 12' of her your dead!

Most of the pieces I used were from the base Hesperax finecast kit (I LOVE finecast for conversions like this) with the addition of a Talos Hook arm, some scourge impaler spears and a Reaver helmet. I posed her on Scibor ruins base to match my other DE.

Man she is wicked…. Hands down one of my favorite conversions ever.


  1. Wow, what an excellent Lelith! I like how you were able to achieve a very different, yet no less dynamic pose for her while still using the same base model. I really love those reaver helmets, the lack of a face is truly chilling. You very naturally incorporated that Talos arm (the Talos kit is just filled with excellent parts for conversions); it really fits well with theme you are trying to achieve. Great job!

  2. Awe-inspiring! The best Lilith I've seen!

  3. Looks fantastic. Makes the whole "i got countless attacks" believable.

  4. Thank you everyone! I love this creepy lady :D

  5. Amaze balls! Or lack of balls lol. Stunning conversion.

  6. Love the movement you have captured with your conversion, I can just see her exploding out of this stance. Awesome work as per usual, can't wait to see you paint her up.