Friday, March 29, 2013

Dark Eldar Retro Raider Redux Part 2!

"By all means, try and stop 'em. I won't stand in your way. Beat them back, chop them down, hold the line, carry the day. Cover yourself in glory, or in guts, it makes no difference to me. Or to the dead, for that matter. You're just postponing the inevitable, lad. Mark my words, they'll get us all in the end."

Just like with my first Retro Raider, I modified a new raider bottom to fit under an old raider. I swapped the weapons, crew and added some current kit detail like blades, trophy poles, skulls on spikes and made some colorful characters for the crew.

 Here's the 2 raiders side by side. Intimidating I hope….


  1. Those are works of terrible beauty, man. Absolutely love the fusion of new and old - bravo!

  2. I love them. I have been intimately involved in getting my old raiders and ravagers retrofitted, so I feel like I know all the parts on these intimately.

    Nice job. I like the time spent with all the details put into your raiders.

    Question though, did you adjust the decks? I know I reset mine and made them narrower for a sleeker look like the new ones. Or is it just the upper fines that are giving your models the sleeker look?

    1. Hey Natfka, thanks for stopping by. Faeit212 is my sdaily go-to for info.

      The decks were adjusted cause I put a new bottom on the raiders. If you check out Part 1, you can see better in those images how the decks fit into the model making them sleeker.

  3. Really nice conversions and they bring the old-school minis into new school perfectly! I particularly like the sense of movement and the addition of the crew. The new DE range sure is a treat and you make them look the best :) cheers and do keep up the good work!

  4. Wow these look really good.
    I love how you managed to breathe some life into the old kits. Amazing job as always!

  5. I find your blog cool. Please continue making things like this...

    WOW gold

  6. Love them, might steal your designs myself :P

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