Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dark Eldar Coven Ravager

"Victory is achieved through mettle….Glory is achieved through metal."

I'm certainly coming to the end of my current building phase and about to move into my painting phase for a month or two.

I do this in cycles every 2 months or so. Build heavily, rack up a dozen or so painting projects, then switch gears and paint like a crazy fool for weeks and bang them each out.

The addition to my Coven Forces is much needed. I LOVE Ravagers and need the extra firepower.

Conversion wise there are a lot of subtle additions to this boat. I made the sail by slicing and combining 2 other Ravager sails to get a unique shape. I added full face mask heads on all the crew to tie them into my other Coven Vehicles and Coven Warriors. As well as some Talos bits on the pilot and gunner. A Skaven standard and a creepy ram skull on the prow wrapped up the whole package

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