Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sons of Horus Devastator Squad

"The Emperor extends His will to us when we destroy the wicked and impure to reconquer the galaxy in His name. The Emperor leads the galaxy to righteousness, and thus we must petition for His judgement on the wicked... for it is judgement without mercy."

For this Sons of Horus Unit I went for an extremely Cthonian look. I had to modify the MKII armor to fit the heavy weapons (they are designed for MK II mainly) and added top-knots, chaos heads, some trophies, etc, for a more aggressive look.


  1. Nice! Loving the mix of old and new bits - a little confused on the loadout though, are you going with 40k rules or building them out of the 30k Betrayal book? If you're planning on going with the Betrayal list, all of the models in the Heavy Support Squads must carry the same heavy weapon.

    In any case, loving seeing these come together, it's definitely pushing me to get my heresy Iron Hands together. Who knows, perhaps we can face 'em off against one another at some point!

    Keep up the great work, man!

  2. Everything that Mordian 7th said, word for word, except replace "Iron Hands" with "Death Guard"

  3. Yup I messed up, I missed that line about the whole unit needing all the same weapons. I was stuck in the CSM mindset. No problem though just goth to pop off the weapons and glue some new ones on.

    1. Oh I dunno - perfect reason just to do up three squads of 'em, right? Hah!

      Really look forward to seeing 'em painted up!