Friday, March 25, 2011

Chaos Patrol Boat Part 1

I decided it was time to finish up some old projects I had started, so here's some pics of my idea for a Chaos Patrol Boat that I began building about 4yrs ago. A little bit of water isn't going to stop these bad boys.

The concept was pretty simple, an armed troop transport for the water. I built the core body from sheet styrene, and 2 GI joe tank sections. I designed the chaos trim in Adobe Illustrator, then printed it, transferred it to sheet styrene and cut it out very carefully by hand. The Heavy Bolters were form an old Leman Russ while the spotlight was from Forgeworld. I added tons of Baneblade bits like the exhausts, armor plates, floor plates, side drains, some spikey bits, assorted skulls, tools, pipes and anything I could find to really add to that Pirate feel.

I made the Chaos Seaman from assorted bits all mixed up together to get a very pirate feel to him. As if he's been scavenging for a few hundred years. I also really enjoyed building the rear Door with the Eye of Horus icon on it as well as the skeleton life preserver and 40k-esque anchor.

I built up and primed the 2 sea mines that will be floating in the scenic base.

I made them form acrylic half-spheres, assorted styrene shapes cut from a hole punch,
styrene tube and some bent wire. The design is based off of a WWII German Sea Mine.

The next step is to buy all the paints and pigments I need to give her a proper paint job as well as getting all the materials to make a dramatic water base (which I have never done before...wish me luck)


  1. Hey Ron Pretty cool..I see that your alive.. drop me an email or call me...

  2. That is awesome, love the barnacle-esque tide mark 'fouling'. Great attention to detail, can't wait to see it painted.