Friday, March 25, 2011

Chaos Patrol Boat Part 2

Here's an update. Some pics after about 3 hours of airbrushing.

I used all Vallejo paints, laying down heavy greens and browns first, then going back over everything with rust spots and dark shadows. A final airbrushed coat of Devlan Mud helped add to the grime.

I hand painted the sea mines (before I got my airbrush) and laid them in the water base. I still have many airbrushing layers of oil and clear resin I want to add to bring out the water effect

The next step will involve painting all the details on the inside of the cabin and all the Brass Chaos Trim complete with a heavy green rust Patina.


  1. That gunboat's awesome mate!

    What's this project then? I guess i missed the build up! Looks like your making a diorama or something?

  2. The boat is awesome! There are so many nice touches like the life preserver and the sea mines. It reminds me of the Scallywaggin' display GMM put up for Adepticon last year and I just imagine some CSMs re-enacting the "I'm on a Boat" music video.

    But in all seriousness, the use of oils, pigments and clear resin is fascinating and I would love to know how you apply everything. Did you say you were going to spray the clear resin?

  3. That's just outstanding, excellent work mate.

  4. Thanks for the compliments guys!

    @TheGunGrave, thanks man! I have a WIP article I posted the same day as this one. I think it got lost.

    @Old School, I should clarify that section. What I'm doing is airbrushing layers of grime with Vallejo paints then pouring clear resin on top of it, then airbrushing another layer of grime, then more clear build up a depth of murky, oil slicked looking water.

    I haven't fully figured it out yet...just kinda "winging" it as I go. So I'll post more progress pics of the water this week as I do more layers.

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  6. Outstanding! Cant wait to see it finished.